Friday, October 28, 2005

DA BROOM NINJA (whoever in the pic, very sorry.)

In an effort ease my tension, it was suggested to me that I used this new avator pic of very anonymous person.

The only thing that made me laugh this whole morning.


I cannot get moodswings.... HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??

I was annoyingly upset today to the point I can't RP or finish my assignments. Did kickboxing on walls, and came back with redden knuckles.

It did not help.

Right now, asking people on the Nexus in LJ about why.

Now excuse me while I try to do my video editing and nursing a bruised knee. O.O

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

*sigh* So much for being a reliable art shop...

Apparently they're out of CD-r's. On Submission day.


On other notes, Looks like I'm gonna take that Rapid KL bus down to KL, since that buddy of mine went off without telling me. But I couldn't keep him waitin' as I gotta upload my webpage images ONE. BY. ONE.

Mein Leben ist nur ein Haufen Kacke! GAH!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Looks like I'm gonna still be college tomorrow

I'm now standing near the edge of a Katana, waiting to tip over.

*ahem* Actually, Bureaucracy is biting my ass again. Was passed to another GUY! Geez. Which means I might have to redesign the webpage again, add more explosions, and illustrate the damn car itself, and submit the damn thing tomorrow. GAH! I wanted to stay home!

On other notes, I revived one of my old pups in Sages. And that bookstore called Borders is gonna open a new chain at Avenue K (next to KLCC), so lots of job openings, and a good location too (although I prefer Berjaya Times Square.). All I gotta do is send in my resume, and my experience in Times should help that, and I'll be waiting till Mid-November to start earning THA RINGGIT!

Finally. At least I'm gonna stick to a job longer than 3 months...

Aho! And look what I dig up!

Swearsaurus Swear Words: Swearing, Cursing, Cussing and Insulting!

Yes, a FULL glossary of German curse words, plus curse words in OTHER LANGUAGES! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

That's so Schleimer. >;-)

Guess that word.

Caution: I still HATE bureaucracy.

Googled the definition:

Literally: rule by the bureaus of appointed officials. Group of agencies marked by a clear hierarchy of authority in charge of implementing collective choices made through political institutions. Formal organizations that carry out policy through written rules and standardized procedures based on the specialization of duties and striving for the efficient attainment of organizational goals. TRANSLATION in SPANISH: Burocracia - in FRENCH: Bureaucratie

Especially when the officials in QUESTION don't give a damn about your student projects.

My classmate told me that the only way to get a approval without all this nonsense is that you know someone personally there, without much hassle.

And SINCE I don't know anybody at a certain company, I'm waiting here in front of a ill-maintained eMac waiting for that stupid approval letter to go through all those suppose "procedures".

I must now learn German curse words, as they sound better than english curse words.


Monday, October 24, 2005

I want to say something:

I hate bureaucracy.

Thank you.

EDIT: Oh, BTW, waiting for reply from Proton marketing guy on the permission to use Proton Savvy images. Still waiting.

So I'm OFFLINE! HUZZAH! *not really, but mostly*

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Should've stayed home.

I sorta went to KLCC and attended some impromptu Comic Fiesta meeting there. And after half and hour looking for the elusive meeting place, I finally found them, and left unsatisfied.

Aside from seeing a long-lost face from the LUCT comics club, the top members of CF weren't there, and got my words misunderstoon by a guy who's trying to give me a few tips while being over-the-top about it.

Should've stayed him and do my assignments, which are 80% done.


Maybe I should've stayed home and do some sketches instead...

Today, I came out late to go for this little meeting between the Comic Fiesta groupies at KLCC.

And after half and hour looking for them, I eventually did, and now the top members aren't there, and only the normal peeps were there, and I left unsatisfied.

And there's this guy, although I don't mind being given a few tips or so, went on and on about how I said I cannot do this and that, which, BTW, I DID NOT SAY. I merely said that I did not choose to use some of the basic drawing techniques there is for face drawings, and he just shrugged.

Maybe I could've put it gentler, but I think the guy is a bit above himself.


I should've stayed home.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Hope yer enjoying the Transformers: War Within comic I lended ya. Just keep it away from the BBQ grills yer gonna have later, or my bro will go after me since he bought it. Mint Condition is important. But enjoy it anyway, muahahaha! :-)

Oh yeah.... Computer labs in LUCT can be freaking cold. I nearly had frostbites. Gah.

EDIT: On other news, I discovered how to Filter-Lock my posts in Livejournal. So, muahahahaha! But still... does anyone know what other blog sites that makes post-view-locking easier? Just widening my options.

Oh. My. God. (edit)


Sheesh. I'm gonna grow old and get a beard by the time I finish putting them on Yahoo Geocities.


Oh, other news: I'm bald. Will upload pic later.

Oh yeah, Livejournal does has some usefulness after all. There's some sort of filter-locking that renders any entry invisible unless a friend is picked to see it, or something like that. must see how it works. I guess that's better than password-locking, as that can be cracked sooner or later...

Thursday, October 20, 2005


I just realise how much I suck at Flash. That's what I get for NOT listening properly to my lecturer.

*sigh* Now to concentrate on work and go cold turkey for awhile.

(( Terry: OK, WORK. NOW! ))

Mun: Oh, oh!

It's amazing... Edit: Life is short.

Whenever I wanted to write something about issues, something turns up, making me NOT put it up in fear of hurting others further.

I was speaking of the passing of Endon, the PM's wife. I was about to make some very long comments about the current state of politics since Tuesday. It looks like it'll have to hold till Saturday. Or is it awright with ya bloggers that I just put it up anyway? (got a draft.)

But on other notes... Life is short. *to everyone* Don't hope for reincarnation. Don't hope for a second life. What we have here is what we have left before we move upstairs with Him.

Some will go later, some will go early.

I have to admit, I don't seem too surprise hearing about another death (but I'm still shocked that it happened to the PM.). It happens so often, even to my relatives. The last relative to die was my uncle 3 years ago. That was the last time I nearly cried. It seems like I'm already so used to losing family and friends that I don't feel as sad as I should be...

'Cause our fates are already set for us. What we do with the time we have is up to us.

Again, my condolences goes to the PM for his loss. Keep steady, Sir, for you're gonna turn for the better. Your wife left her mark on this country, and you, and you should always cherish it.

Our hearts, truthfully, goes to your loss.

I hate timing...

Edit: edited a bit, some facts were off about my uncle.

May Allah bless her soul.

Datin Endon Mahmood, beloved wife of our Prime Minister, Datuk Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, passed away today, after a long struggle with Breast cancer

There are no words
To Describe a good soul.
You are our leader's light
You are the people's light.

May you rest in peace,
As Allah will bring you
to the Heavens above
Away from the burning hell.

Good Bye, Endon. You will be surely missed.

My condolences, Prime Minister. I know how you feel.

My condolences...

*Falls silent*

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The things that want me want to make the college implodes.

Good news:

Presentation cancelled.

Bad news:

Saturday is the proposed date.

Sheesh. I prefer to get things over with now...

*a bit peeved*

Monday, October 17, 2005

Regarding the Sage post... First things First: Shut up.

What weird things in my religion? Do you even know if it's actually a real religion and not something added to it by human society? Do you even understand what they mean? Are THEY EVEN FREAKIN' ACCURATE!?!?

That part is what is making me really angry right now. I have never cast off any religious customs as weird, and never will for they all have a purpose. I won't pretend I understand them, which I don't, but do YOU see me dissing them!?!? I try hard not to, and never failed. The fact that you technically dissed a RELIGION (emphasis on "a". It's not only my religion...) is enough to make me want to break this computer RIGHT. IN. FRONT. of ME. AND BREAK EVEN MORE THINGS. Right now, I couldn't care less if you apologise or all that shit.

Don't you ever give me your Good Luck after saying that.

Oh, and other notes:

F*** the whole nonsense.

Guess being a Blogger is risky after all.

Ok, what is it with religion being a barrier?

True, it defines a person, moulds him or her even, but not always.

Look, God meant to create one religion for the world to follow, yet somehow through HUMAN MISINTERPRETATION, we got like a gazzilion of religions all over the place, and now everythin' is messed up. GEEEZ, the prophets that appeared at that time were there to introduce His words in STAGES, not offer different different rules for different people. No wonder the world is so divided.

The thing is, while I'm not gonna diss religions all over and still have some respect for them, but what I'm tryin' to get to is HOW PEOPLE use and interpret them.

I generally am not knowledgeable enough about my own religion, but thats due to the fact that I'm was about to listen to SOMEONE'S view of religion. Every single religion has been human-interpretated till the point that it's not AUTHENTIC anymore. Not real. Not GOD's words.

I'm sayin' this because I couldn't get into a relationship with someone because of "religious" barriers. She's the other and I'm not. Quite frankly, I think that's bull. It's not religion that is a barrier, but it's HOW people are using it as a barrier. HUMAN made. HUMAN fears. I just wish they didn't use it as such.

I'm willing to take the risk of having to face all these so-called "barriers", even to the point that I get stoned to death. I just wished more people would have done the same aside from being cowards. I just don't want to accept such issues that were clearly tampered with by generations of zealots or people with something else drastic in their minds. It's fucking hard, yeah, but this human trait of finding the easy way out pisses me off. LIFE CAN'T BE EASY ALL THE TIME, FOLKS!

Go read the responses I got in Sages of Chaos to know what I mean:

People should change their mindsets, no matter how long it takes. Thank God for the enlightened Sages...

I'll edit again after I research further. Till then, this will do. And if yer reading this, If you can't bother to convince me, DON'T BOTHER, cause I'll bet yer gonna say the same thing.

Details from the weekends, foo'!


- Sheesh, doesn't the press have limits? Wait... they don't. HAHA! *ahem*. As you should know, I hate dismembered corpses in RL.

Seriously, I freak my ass off just looking at chopped human, and sometimes, animal body parts here and there. In comics, not much, but RL? Yeeesh! Sayin' this because I wish The Star has some restraint when they had to GO AHEAD and publish that picture of that Malaysian tiger chopped in FOUR pieces.

Dear God. It was in the freakin' FRONT PAGE! Taking almost HALF the front! As much as I hate to say this, but I guess they're trying to get sympathies from the public, and they did. In MULTIPLE folds. I just wished they did it another way.

But the 3 bodiless heads of suicide bombers still sends chills down my spine more than the poor tiger. Thank God I'm fasting.


- Actually went to college without payin' a single CENT, as I manage to sneak in the school bus with Seow. Driver didn't bother checking the tickets, so, BOOYAH!

- Arrived and hustled my way to the labs. Work, work, work on the webpage, and... the Nexus in LJ came a-calling. Sheesh. Despite that, I actually got a bit of work done, and as the clock hit 11.25am, I went straight up to Classroom Design 5. where my Comics&Sci-Fi homies are doin' their thang.

- Entered, and only saw 3 members, including President Se-ow. Unofficial member, Bokson, not in yet. So we did our usual thing, which is the weekly comic-drawing or single-art drawing sessions. Seow finally proposed my idea for a bigger Jam-Art concept, which involves a huge roll of paper. One in particular in Ikea. Bokson made his entrance at around Noon, still annoyed that he couldn't find that lecturer of his for submission. I know how ya feel... Oh, the delightful rookie, Ella, made her appearance, carrying her oh-so-fast Acer Ferrari laptop. Hehe.

- Club session was to end at around 2.30pm, but Seow went and played a downloaded copy of Star Wreck: In the Pirkkining. Bad timing aside, ya gotta watch the fan-film to be awed.

Sevens years, with a bare-boned budget, but with LOTS and LOTS of fans and people WORKING on it, it was a sight to behold for a parody of the reknown franchise. You could've sworn Paramount (copyright owners of Star Trek) sent some of Star Trek's CGI-crew to work on the CGI in Star Wreck. The CGI in that MOVIE was UN.Believe.ABLE. When I took a closer look of the Sovereign Class vessel (Star Trek's Enterprise-E; Star Wreck's CPP Kickstart. Ask the fans who made this.), I couldn't find any hints that it was FAN-MADE.

I could've sworn it was a official film. The whole post-production was FANTASTIC, down to the last detail. And the fact that they HAD to parody Babylon 5 within the film is something worth mentioning. They couldn't resist having a P-Fleet (StarFleet) vs. The Babel 13 (Babylon 5)'s fleet all out war, and it could set any Bab 5 and Star Trek geeks' tongues wagging. Cue the sounds of "Holy CRAP! AWESOME!".

Pretty good for a Finnish film. I just love how they screwed up the terms used in Star Trek (phasers here are called "Twinkles", photon torpedoes are "Light Balls", Vulcans are called "Vulgars", whom got turned into hippies instead of helping the Human race move further.). And YES, it was inevitable that they had to mock Babylon 5's overuse of long-winded speeches. I laugh with joy.

- And as soon as that ended, I had to withstand the horror of which they called Cosplay... U.S. Cosplay. Apparently Ella had some Mpegs of some Anime Cosplay "Masquerade" in the US of A, and had to watch Sailormoon and gang doing a bit of line-dancing. Ergh. IT DOES NOT help that a Tuxedo Mask, who seems to be shorter than Sailor Moon, had to come on and bunk hips with her, and even more so that SM had to flash her ass as a curtain-closer. Are those pocket on the rear?

Oh yeah, they had this little "Dance of the Naruto" on stage, with Sasuke doing the Riverdance thing. Sheesh.... why did I watch them anyway?

... Oh, was waiting for Bokson and Seow, who took the opportunity to mock the cosplayers muahaha.

- Oh, finished with that, Bokson drove us down to KLCC, and I met my mom and bro there. Hoopsa.


-Woke up late, and had to help bro clean the house. Was apparently late meeting my mom in town. Oops.

And I got work to do. Laterz.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Beebs, So sorry for what ya have to go thru.

Geez, what is the management doin' with the employees there?

Maybe it's a good think I didn't get the job there again when my contract ended.

Stupid Blossom shampoo project. I royally screwed that up. Sorry for being such a useless employee back then.

Here's something meaningful from LJ.

From the Nexus, The mun behind the Blue Beetle asked about whether or not there is an afterlife. His friend died, that prompted the question.

And this is what I said to him:

My condolences. I'm very very sorry for your lost. That seems to be the only words I can say.

Instead of being scared and sad, transform that into a will to do things you wanted to always do. If you don't want to be sad, do something meaningful, something you could be remembered by, and you'll die happy, and everyone will remember you as one helluva guy!

I'm one of the few who ain't afraid to accept that fact, but only when there isn't a burden or two on your shoulders. Not afraid to die, but afraid of how it'll affect others you care about. But if it's unavoidable, ya can't stop it.

Do not ever say there would be nothing. If there isn't a Heaven or Hell, what's the point of us existing anyway? So we could just fizzle out and be nothing but rotting bodies six-foot-under?

Believe it. There should be. We may not be sure, but there's gotta be something for us in the Afterlife.

There's no way to avoid being sad when ya know yer day has come, but for me, I'd use that to do what I always wanted to do. It's like that with almost anyone who has the Grim Reaper knocking on their doors. They GOTTA LEAVE A MARK.

So should you. Everyone has an expiry date. The trick is what we're gonna do.

Let us LEAVE A MARK ON THIS WORLD. And we can be all be HAPPY.

Dead or Alive.

And that's how I feel about it. It may be overboard, but that's how I feel about it.

I swear...

If anyone tells me to "get over it" or "have gotten over it", I'll be rearranging that windpipe in the neck parts, and hangin' him/her upside down at the Petronas Twin Towers. Or if I want to be any nicer, I'd flip the finger and say "get bent!".

Something that's so damn deep and meaningful to me is something I'll not GET over.

And that daily angst rant is brought to you By the ABSURD FELLOW.

*boing, boing, boing, boing.*

And there ain't gonna be any replyin' here.

On second thought, no one reply's here anyway. Doesn't matter.

Phrase of the Day


... Seriously, he said that in Transformers: War Within.

Huzzah, assignments time!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Note to Self:

Stop visiting other people's journals and Sages while ya have important stuff to do, like assignments.

Gah! Must... resist!

But seriously, ranting news about foreign movie levy really caught my attention.

It's bad and good. Obviously ya know how bad it is. Kill me if ya want, but what if we don't have to see half the bad-crap that Hollywood is spewing out of late?

They could make a selective levy, or not...

But aren't they just contributing to the pirate problem? Sheesh.

It's no wonder the local film industry is still sucking ass.

Something quite more addictive...

This is while I'm trying to get over my creativity block... and other things.

Check it out. Actually something better to play than Nanaca Crash. Eye-coordination and fast fingers needed. Enjoy.

And... (can't believe I'm putting this up...)

For all those lonely hopeless romantics out there (inspite of the animation... heh)!


I was reading the Star yesterday... (FF7 AC Alert! *ducks*)

And was reading an article about gender-bending youngsters pushing the trend in the US of A.

From what I've seen, that's nothing compared to what JAPAN has done in years.

Take FF7: Advent Children for example.

Aside from the fact that the begining was great, and the middle portions are shallow (Wah, Matrix-style, ah? Dragon Ball, ah? Wah, How come only Cloud all hyper-power meh? Oi, all of them can FLY AH!?! No sense! But I like bike, wo! But seriously, fantasy or not, it should be some bit of reality in it. How the HELL did the FF7 gang go around the towers vs. Bahamut SIN in a few sec? They CAN'T float in the sky for infinity! Where's the logic? *ahem* EDIT: And Tunnel sequence does not make sense... how the heck are they fighting in the air while at the same speed as the BIKES???), and the ending very nice (a better part of the movie), there's this very feminine villian named Kadaj, and he's what I call the epitome of gender-benders in Japan out there. I thought those crazy kimono=clad J-rockers were bad, but SHEESH!

Look at him! I wonder how many times he gets buttslapped and hit on by any guy near him! That's it. He's 95% female, with just no boobs!

Prison inmates would have a field day with him.

*shudder* What ever happened to the manly villians of yesteryears? No, Loz is a crybaby. Not him.

P.S and until a get a decent full-body pic of Kadaj, this rant will do.

I just discovered...

That local carpenters can't write and illustrate instruction manuals, or number them furniture parts, to save their lives.

Really. My elder bro and I were at it with a kitchen cabinet for 5-7 hours. HOURS. We should've done it in 2-3 hours if they actually put some effort in DETAILING THE PARTS IN THE MANUAL PROPERLY. Come on, there are no holes where the SCREWS SHOULD GO INTO! Improvisation saved the day!

Not to mention we had to go out and buy a T-shaped screwdriver, which, Thank GOD, made our lives, and HANDS, easier to screw those damn stubborn screws.

And somehow I feel noticeably crappy today. A bit, anyway. Must be the assignments. And Sages.

Note to Self: If I ever try going back to Sages after the semester ends, I'm going to left out and stay in the Sumetra forests. As a hermit.

And my chest is acting up again. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

EDIT: Ok, on other news: Got on my friend's car, had to wait for that annoying shoulder budging fidgeting little fella, whom the colleagues in the car were complaining about him complaining about how early she is and why and all that crap. I'd say, he should just get his own transport...

And I'm hoping for my own Goddamn car. My own CAR! WHEN WILL I GET IT!?! GAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

Car, Car,
I want my CAR!
I don't need to wait!
I don't HAVE TO RUN!

Makes my life easy!
Leaving them schoolbusses to bite the DUST!

... Ok, back to working on webpage.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Here's a thought.

How come when a shrink wants to heal a client, the shrink needs to see the client break down, and even worse, in tears?

Why is that the shrink needs a confirmation from a client's now broken state? Can he/she use another method that does not make a client roll up and cry?

I'm aware that it's regarding a specific type of client, but this specific type of clients tend to be a lot.

On other notes, I'm free for the next 2 days... maybe. Thinking of coming to college on Thursday or Friday.

... *NOTE TO SELF* THis is a blogspot, not Sages.

But it's a thought.

Just wasted RM 9.50 on the KLIA transit again... heh.


I really, really need my own car.

Oh, yeah, papers say that about 5 million youngsters will suffer chronic disease, and 10 million by the year 2020 if no one's gonna solve this issue that was caused by smoking, being obese, diabetic, not psysically in shape, and drinking alcohol.

Not as if anyone's gonna pay attention to the reports, as a lot of young adults would rather be intoxicated than save themselves.

... Is it me, or is God finally saying "CHANGE YER BLOODY DIET FOR MY SAKE!!!"?


Will edit later. Internet class is starting. *groans*

Monday, October 10, 2005

Some people just don't shake it.

I think it's about time I leave Sages. I've been wanting to leave, but I'm somehow stuck.

But when the semester ends, it's gonna be the last time I'll be on it.

On another note, Isn't it amazing how people keep mistaking my mom for a chinese lady?


Sunday, October 09, 2005


Ok, thought the Sony expo was suppose to be over tomorrow. Apparently it was not. Sheesh.

And My bro and I got ourselves a pocket-size volume of "Transformers: War Within" in Kinokuniya. RM44.16. Not bad, although my bro prefers a larger format (easier to see details).

Next month, we'll be getting the large format volume of the sequel, "Dark Ages".

And whoopiedoo, I'm being stupid again by replying to that certain someone's umpteenth OOC thread in Sages.


Saturday, October 08, 2005


My friend, BB, is stuck with work at the Design agency again. That means I'm stuck in college till whenever she finishes! GAH!!!


Any dudes with a gutter mind, I follow her to college in her car.

If she's workin' till 5pm, I think I gotta go down and take the bus back to KL.

Sorry, BB.

Sony Expo.


Today, the last day of the Sony Expo. At the KL convention center.

Must try out PSP for the heck of it. Then go around a bit to look for a job. For the first time, I don't feel like I mind being transfered here and there in bookstore branches...

... Only if it's within the borders of Koala Lump-por.


Yesterday and Today


I woke up for sahur. I took a bath. Bro sent me down to the bus station. Got on bus. Arrived at Kelana Jaya. Waited for stupid feeder bus to go to the train station location. Waited there. Got in Beeb's car, not feeling in the mood to talk when a certain someone is there. We made a rendezvou to a bank. We finally arrived at college at last, avoiding that certain someone about certain issues close to heart. Fooled around with my blog and the Nexus in LJ. Pounded my chest as it's acting weird again. Stopped and did some real work on my essay. Clock hits 2.30pm, and I finished clipping my mock-up of a book. Arrived in classroom designated Hall 6. Waited. Only tutor came. Peer assessment starts. Had a good read with Jimmy's (my classmate) essay. Got fairly good results for my essay. Followed another classmate, feeling lucky that I finished earlier. Arrived at KJ. Went to cyber cafe. Messed around with my blog s'more. Went down to Taman Jaya. Break fast. Arrived home, only to discover that my elder bro might have got dengue. Not confirmed, but syptoms are there (fever first, then subsided to aching bones. rarely happens to him). Watched "Without a Trace". Went to sleep. Chest aches a bit.

Got up early. Same thing as yesterday. Took a short nap. Took a bath. Walked down to another bus station nearer to god-forsaken location of a home. Waited. Waited. Got on bus. Reached KJ at around 7.20 or so. Got on feeder bus. Checking my essay again for mistakes. Had a whiff of Malar's tuna or sardine bun while playing around with Sudoku. Arrived at college. Waited for labs to open. Had this very heavy hearted feeling when logged online. Fail to restrain myself from going to that certain someone's blog. Feels heartbroken any other way when looking at it, making me feel... inadequate. Do not know why I can't restrain myself from going there. Typing now, and opened up my file to work on. Still pounding my chest. Hurts literally. Today my bro goes for check up to determine syptoms. My mom plans to stay over my sister's place in Gombak for 3 days. Not sure if I want to follow or stay in god-forsaken location by myself, nursing rejection. Should I get over it, or shall I not forget?

Sorry, feeling emotionally down and sarcastic at same time. 3 weeks of pain is just... God, there's no words for it.

EDIT: Oh, I failed to mention that there must be one messed-up fellow who's been wrecking the toilet bowls in the bathroom located near comp. lab. Gah

Word of today


Don't ask.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Thus I cometh out of 2nd Draft Assessment...

And I'm fulleth of joy, as it I have obtain even better markeths than the first drafteth.

... Ok, my Shakespeare needs work.

Anyway, one of the students who assessed my worked suggested that I turn this into a quote. I took a good look at it and found it it's kinda of a good quote:

"First and foremost, not everyone can be borned with unique abilities naturally, but that does not stop them from achieving those abilities. Some fail, while others prevail."

... Well, ok-lah, but I think I could do better. But it's my quote anyway, so HAH!


Just a day old, and I got spam already.


Word Verification is on. Stop the freakin' spam.

The Laziness is attacking!

... Geh.

Why is whenever I want to finish off an 90% completed essay, that I get stumped by the Internet... again!?! As in, I'm writing here, in my BLOG!?!

Maybe it's a writer's block. Sheesh.

Still, I I blame Sages of Chaos (on LJ itself). Hah! :-p

When obsession is not love... *sigh*

Read this if ya wanna know what I mean:

... Heh, I just wonder if society is going backwards instead of forward, where the companion part is concerned.

Ya know, if that special someone decided to choose the other guy over you, ya just leave it, so you won't ruin that happy moment of hers with you feeling like a rotten tomato left to be squashed. God, it'll hurt like hell, and you won't want to talk to that special someone for the rest of yer life, but being possesive of her is not love at all.

I know. I've been there. It still hurts like hell, and the only course of action for me is to deal with it alone, and try to think I deserve better (which is very unlikely, cause I've been rejected again. Not willing to go through it again.). If I start being obsessive, I'll just become the supreme bastard villian of the month. Or year. Or Century.


The idiot that's been charged with the murder should've taken the better path.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


This is getting a little use to.

I created a sista site, and it's at ELLLJAAAY!

Have fun, for there isn't anything there yet.

AAAND I will try to post useful comments from now on... I think

A new guy is in da house!


Although this ain't my first blog experience, but this is the first time I'm doing a personal blog on Blogspot. Gonna create a sister journal at

So, how is my day?

I dunno. But I'm gonna find out.