Wednesday, December 28, 2005

*sigh* The things my mom and I do for love...

I'm beginning to feel like my mom, or turning into my mom(ARgh!), when she's either really pissed when she's bloody tired. THAT with brutal bluntness with her words.

I have a sister(third in family) who has three young sons, ranging from eldest(6 years old) to youngest(1 year old). With those three combined, they redefine rowdyness(forgive my spelling). I like those kids, so does mom and bro(ok, everyone in the family, I think), even though the eldest has this rude streak that REALLY pisses me off. *groan*

The problem is, my sister, from time to time, still acts like she's single. Ok, this is where I'm gonna spill:

Ya see, she's one of those people who made a mistake. And THAT mistake involves her husband, who was THE boyfriend back then. Due to that, she gave birth to their first son, before marriage. So the marriage wasn't really a planned one. And now they have to go though hard times, living in a really cruddy house with 3 KIDS. Pity all three of them.

My mom, bro, another sister, and the two-timing bastard they call my dad lend a helping hand from time to time (financially mostly). We even had to babysit the kids when their dad is away(my sis is working in the theaters full time). The thing is... she has this tendency to lie. At times I see it. My mom sees it most of the time, but geez, pity the kids. We have to babysit them, even when we have other things to do.

BUT THERE ARE TIMES she takes advantage of that, and puts the household upside down. SHE even takes naps when she has to do things like LOOKING after the kids while her siblings (ME and my bro) have to either complete assignments and such. Whenever someone tries to give her a bit of advice, she sighs. sighs, and sighs, and sighs.

She does it ALL THE TIME. Napping, I mean. Even when she's not, she has this laziness that causes screams. Now ya see why I can never do my work at home...

THERE is nothing wrong with staying over, or babysitting the kids when my sis and bro-in-law can't take care of them, or we babysit them alone (or ME alone, but one boy is a handful. Imagine 3. Now ya see why I might never find a job in a childcare center, unfortunately).

But SHE needs to grow up and CHANGE HER HABITS. That goes with that husband of hers too. My God, I'd think the husband will be a bit more responsible, but he's a bit of a follower kind of guy. He's a nice guy (sorta, but hardly talk to him. One things for sure, he's not a hot tempered fool), but I'll bet being a father wasn't what he had in mind. I don't wanna go into detail of what happen to him when they both got together. Of the two, I see he's putting an effort in taking care of the kids, as he's at home most of the time. But that's not saying much.

THERE's another matter that's distressing... food. The 3 rowdy ones has IRREGULAR eating times, and other times, RANDOM. Ever seen a 2 year old who eats at near 4pm? My mom suspects the parents were catching 40 winks at home, but I'm not to sure.

I sometimes think they don't WANT to take care of the kids, and just dump them at relatives places, most of the time at OUR PLACE. Even at the apartment.

Oh, for God's sake, I don't know WHAT THE FUCKING HELL my sister and her husband is doing, but they need to change.

Thank God I'm not this close to choking both of the parents.

Pity the children.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Just to get things out of the way.

To friends(no matter how few I have) old and new, relatives, colleagues, former lecturers from LUCT, strangers, and those who used to be my friends, and those who are enemies, old and new.

Have a pleasant New Year, and hope to God that He doesn't pull a fast one on ya.

And now, to figure out this stupid HTMLing...

*sigh* Happy "boring" New Year.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Here's the CF pics.

I was given just the pics with me in it, but at least it's better than nothing.

So this is me, being stealthy.

And this is me being a shmuck.

Monday, December 19, 2005

...? Stupid... stupid... stupid....>.<

Ok, why do I even have a preference about what I find sexy in a girl?

I thought I rarely cared till I posted on Sages. I'm speaking of this.

Bah. going back home before my shoes gets soaked again. It RAINS everytime I go out...

Comic Fiesta

Heh, the Two-day Comic Fiesta at the Sri Sedaya College was... interesting, to say the least.

Now to wait for that shot of me at the DFC booth there. Note that it was sorta my semi-official part of the CF, as part of Gen and B's Dead Fish Chronicles booth. I was wearing the hat with the DFC logo on it. Heh.

Will say more later.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Dreams and Goals

No, I'm not gonna talk about my dreams. And neither am I talking football. I'm speaking of something more profound.

There was this guy I IRC-chatted with 3-4 years ago, and he had this motto:

"Dreams easily realised aren't dreams"

Day after day I'm realising how that rings true for me. Look at it this way...

Does the dream of being a pilot that hard to reach?

Is becoming rich a dream?

Does getting top scores in Counter-Strike a dream

And, God-forbid, is being a *cough*politician*cough* that hard of a dream? (it's a filthy job to be in, if you know what I mean...)

Well, for one thing, these so-called "dreams" are what I consider, and more accurately so, "goals", or material goals for that matter(because these so-called dreams are materialistic anyway). Goals, in a sense, is what we work our fine(or damn-ugly) rear-ends towards to. Goals are things we want or need and planned early on, and it's something we can reach. It all depends on the person who made the goal.

That's what's been clarified in my final years in college.

So therefore, you can't really call it a "dream". Dreams, to me, is something that is impossible by whatever standards you have, or general standards the concept of the human race holds. It's wild, fantastical, obnoxiously SELF-INDULGENT, adventurous, and over-the-top. It's something we want to be or be in, but will never get the opportunity or will never happen, because it's just that.


Reasons and clarifications for writing such opinions?

For the past few weeks, I've been contemplating those two words, and not to mention the imaginary streaks I've had in developing new story ideas for self-made mangas and manga doujins that I have not started drawing. At one point, I self-inserted myself in, here's an example for a story I'm thinking of writing, a situation I was forced into, and by some extraordinary events, gains knowledges that, to the shadow parties involve, I should not have. Hey, it was one way or another to creating stories.

But then, I'm just using day-dreaming as a way to create new characters and concepts, which are my goals. But still, getting a job, living alone in my own area, and actually seeing the country all over... they are just goals.

But for dreams that are PURE dreams?

I no longer have any. The one thing I learned in life is NOT to expect anything to happen. So I don't see the use of keeping dreams.

Unless I don't have anything else to do after the world rips itself apart.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


In college. Heard I need to do supplementary work. That means reworking every fucking little thing I did in the booklet I made.

I always have something to redo.


Friday, December 09, 2005

Yes! (concerning Fire Emblem)

Finally finished that goddamn game! Without anyone dying at the end! after 20 tries!!!

Guess Nils was useful at the end after all.

Here's how I did it.: Athos+Nils vs. both Nergal and the Dragon. Have Athos use his Aureola Light magic, and get Nils to refresh him. Use mounted units such as Sain or Eliwood (he's a Knight Lord here, and he rides a horse... looks kinda overweight.) to rescue Nils(just in case. Thank your lucky stars Nergal and the Dragon can't heal themselves), and get Athos out of Nergal's range at the same time, near a healer like Priscilla. Repeat this till Nergal's down to HP 40 or 20. And get the UberLords to finish him off. Lyn's Sol Katti attacks, sadly, won't do that much damage, but I still use here for assurance (never underestimate bit damages). Then bring in Hector with his mighty Armads. Finish Nergal off with Eliwood's Durandal.

For the Dragon, though... mounted units is a must here, as the bloody firebreather has a 3-block range. No amount of Barriers, super-evasions, or Nini's grace would help you, as the dragon negates them. And THAT includes criticals. The other units, other than Uberlords, Athos, Nils, Priscilla, Renault, Pent, and maybe Sain(just in case ya mess up), can't do much here, so keep them out of range, and hope they keep missing the long range magic attacks from the Druid and Sage sitting on each tower (bloody bastards....). Just in cased Priscilla used her turn and Nils can't refresh her, use Renault's Fortify to heal. It Heals EVERYONE FOR GODSAKES. :-)

Athos is still the best bet here, so keep pelting the damn dragon with the Aureola, refresh with Nils, rescue Nils with Eliwood or Sain, get Athos out of range and next to Priscilla, next turn, drop Nils, end turn, repeat till Dragon's HP is 40 or 20. If 20, don't send in Hector, as the Dragon will double-attack him at this point. All ya need is Eliwood's dragon-killin' Durandal... and that's it.

My team for this last moments: Eliwood, Hector, Lyn, Athos, Nils, Sain, Pent, Hawkeye, Renault, Raven, Priscilla, and Jaffar. phew.

The very last part of the ending was a bit of a shocker, while I was expecting it to end with a whimper. Heh. Spoiler: Ah, Zephiel, just when I thought I knew you... heh.

Now playing through Hector's tale, albeit won't spend as much time on it as I did with Eliwood's.

Now till I get a job....(reason I'm out surfing the net)

Monday, December 05, 2005


Once I get a laptop, and broadband connection, then I will be comfortable writing something here. Now I'm wasting away in the cybercafe typing this.

I am confident that I will get that job in Parkson. But if that fails, I'll try again. Failure is failure if you die without succeeding in life.

My resolve will not allow me to falter. Neither it will force me to change my views about the concept of Human life.

And further more, as the idiotic system of exchange would suggest, I need the money.