Thursday, January 19, 2006

A day in College for Graduation rehearsal.

So, I had to waste RM 8.30 just to travel to college. *sigh* Again.

So, I went to the Hall of Fame, got my gown and stupid hat(aka Mortarboard), met a few old friends, and avoided former colleagues(hypocrites...). Then had to wait till 1pm just to sit there, move here and there, and listen to yada-yada, and there's been some mix-ups where music is concerned. Went to get sash, only to discover that they ran out of them, and hafta get them on Saturday. Then left with a buddy, who dropped me off to Sunway Pyramid, and I ate at around 4pm.

... What? Why do I need to waste money on turds they call college food?

Other then that, looks like I gotta go shopping for formal wear. Why do I even need to wear a tie, I will never know. I hate wearing those.

Wonder how much are clip-ons...


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