Sunday, January 22, 2006

Update of College Grad ceremony.

The day before graduation:
-Went to Jaya Jusco Maluri with mom, so she could help me to pick what to where. Seriously, I suck at picking cloths.

-Ate at KFC with mom.

-Good thing we had enough money, cause the shirt, pants, and tie cause right below RM100.

-Bought a few groceries after shopping, as we had enough money to buy.

-Ironed all the wears, including blastid gown.

Graduation Day on Saturday.
- The usual transport hoopla. Mom couldn't come. Same with Bro, as paying RM 80 or RM120 for a ticket to a GRADUATION is ridiculous. THAT, I agree.

- Manage to arrive without a scratch, and made it by 12noon. Got a bit lost of where to register, but found it at library.

- Got the damn sash.

- Went around and dropped by the labs. Posted a bit on Sages.

- Then went to deal with the photoshoot thingy. Had one free studio shot. Will pay for stage shot later.

- Found out that the gown and tie weren't too kind to my neck. Ergh...

-Went to the FAD grad's waiting room. Bloody hot as hell. Met Amanda from the Animation course.

- Also met a few friends who were ALSO repeating the course. The whole GD class including me got pics taken.

- Lined up outside, everyone sweating in gown. Had to bring my damn bag to ceremony as I don't know where to put it.

- Thru the duration of ceremony, hoot and shouted for a few friends, while shut up when former colleague(s)(hypocrites...) went up.

- Near the end, the "Wah-ho" song came about. I was the only GDD guy in red sash to go up there and CELEBRATE Good TIMES!

- Got sandwiched for final photo taking. Met my cousin Amir and his parents.

- Got rid of Graduation get-ups after checking my status in the library. Avoided certain hypocrites there. Got deposit back.

- Phototaking with Daniela, my now former lecturer, with my uncle, aunt and Amir. Daniela commented about how "evolved" I look, when I actually wore something like this in Semester 7. Sheesh.

- Followed cousin to his parent's apartment, where they were holding a Congrats party for him, and automatically, I ended up sharing the limelight.
And my aunts suddenly donated RM150 to me. Now I'm RM150 richer. Unexpected.

- Cousin dropped me off LRT after kenduri. He commented that you don't NEED the IELTS cert to get degree, and saying that the no notion of needing the cert is bullshit. Must check if that's true.


- Posted on Sages as Rainbow Batman. My way of Celebrating my freedom.

-Now going to KLCC with Mom and Bro.

Next week: Pictures!


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