Monday, February 27, 2006

Has the Rakyat lost their sense of humour?

Seriously, I'm really feeling bitter.

It's either:

1) People have lost their sense of humour.


2) I'm an asian with a different sense of humour.

Personally, that joke title in the Chit-Chat section in the CF forums was all in all, a joke, but seeing that some people have an opinion on what a sense of humour is, I'm pulling out of the CF forums, and boycotting any Malaysian anime forums in a whole. After that debacle that was the NST posting that comic strip in their paper (which I think shouldn't have ruffled any feathers, but it did. Why are Malaysians turning into laughless dullards!?! As long as there isn't a depiction of the Prophet, just GET ON WITH LIFE!!!), I no longer have faith that The Rakyat could get even the most innocent of jokes.

With much apologies to the OtakuZone authors, but I'm also offended that those on CF thought I was badgering them for having more shojo on OtakuZone. I'm just saying it as a suggestion.

Sheesh, that destroyed my prospects to review mangas in Otakuzone.

EDIT: Ok, after much discussion in forum-ing in CF, I think I'm feeling a little better.

Monday, February 20, 2006

For those in ComicFiesta-dom...

Ok, to those who got my message yesterday, either this blog or the one at Livejournal will be updated with some of my own art stuff. Since I don't have a scanner, these below are from a couple of months ago: [--- this is an old character design that I did in the first quarter of last year. Notice the ink's improved for the three below compared to this. {--- Sakura of Street Fighter fame.

The above aren't really my best works, and still in progress. And since I've been scribbling around with mecha designs, those are on hold.

And I really need to get a job if I want a scanner or two. Sorry people, too lazy to do HTMLing coding for the links above.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Finally, evidence that I've graduated.

Meet yer ole' Absurd Fellow, in between two classmates, trying miserably to look macho.

And next is the obligatory Class of 2005 group shot. I'm at the far left(or right... sorry, lost my bearings.).


Monday, February 06, 2006

Artistic Insensitivities and Furious Backlashes.

Yet again, tactlesness and primal anger rules the media, judging from the backlash against Denmark for that hideous "bomb-turban" cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

I don't blame those in the same religion as I (I cannot bring myself to call them brothers and sisters, because the way they've been reacting to the Danish comic strip only shows how much they really know about the religion.), but if Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) sees how muslims react to a drawing by an artist who doesn't really know what the Prophet looks like, he's sigh, frown and shake his head at what today's muslims have become.

Anger can be a wasted thing.

Seriously, instead of lashing out, why don't we all sit down and ask this:
1) Why did the Danish comic artist drew the comic?
2) Did he not know what he/she's's doing was insensitive, but did it anyway because he thought it was funny (provided the guy/gal ain't religious and does not know squat.)?
3) If he did, did he/she do it 'cause he/she thinks it's ok, or does he/she have a fuelled resentment of Islam(remember, the Crusades was in Europe. So there could be a lot more of resentment there than anywhere. But who's fault was it? A community of 3 religions or 2 living in Jerusalem, or an army of zealot Crusaders who rampage through the place?)?
4) Is that resentment shared by newspapers from the countries that choosed to publish it?
5) If not, then why? Yes, freedom of speech is sacred, but so is religious sensitivities. Freedom of speech is having the ability to speak our minds and knowing what to say, but at the same time we have the freedom of choosing not what to say... which sorta is the problem, methinks.
6) But then, why was the press of certain nations were so *eager* to show it when they knew it will cause an uproar, and when they don't NEED to? The FoS excuse will be too tiresome and make them losers at the end.
7) Muslims should ask themselves this: "What are we doing wrong?" (But I'll bet those with no common sense would rather think of war rather than reason.)
8) "Are we actually practicing Islam, or we're using it as fuel for our rage, when it is suggest peaceful means?"

And for those wanting to ask why the prophets in our religion asked not to have their imaged portrayed in anyway...

Well, what's the point of believing in God if humans start idolising statues and images of religious figures, thus forgetting the reasons they came to us? They asked not to have any images of them because of that.

So stop whining and start thinking. Don't let a tactless and hateful comic strip get the best of you. Prove to those resentful of Islam that we're not what they think we are. And for the hyporcrites, shut up and give up those delusions.

Hopefully, those in the Middle East at least *TRY* to think...