Monday, February 27, 2006

Has the Rakyat lost their sense of humour?

Seriously, I'm really feeling bitter.

It's either:

1) People have lost their sense of humour.


2) I'm an asian with a different sense of humour.

Personally, that joke title in the Chit-Chat section in the CF forums was all in all, a joke, but seeing that some people have an opinion on what a sense of humour is, I'm pulling out of the CF forums, and boycotting any Malaysian anime forums in a whole. After that debacle that was the NST posting that comic strip in their paper (which I think shouldn't have ruffled any feathers, but it did. Why are Malaysians turning into laughless dullards!?! As long as there isn't a depiction of the Prophet, just GET ON WITH LIFE!!!), I no longer have faith that The Rakyat could get even the most innocent of jokes.

With much apologies to the OtakuZone authors, but I'm also offended that those on CF thought I was badgering them for having more shojo on OtakuZone. I'm just saying it as a suggestion.

Sheesh, that destroyed my prospects to review mangas in Otakuzone.

EDIT: Ok, after much discussion in forum-ing in CF, I think I'm feeling a little better.


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