Friday, March 24, 2006


She toook a hint.

I'm FEEELING so much better now.


Monday, March 20, 2006

Can't I get by without being misunderstood EVERYTIME!?!?

I'm so fucking quitting CF.

That fiasco at IRC #comicfiesta, which started with me recognising an image of one of the chatters, and I said in a harmless manner that she made fun of one of my artworks. REMEMBER, I was not being rude and accusational, I was just being fun, and I thought she and the others would see that in a fun way, since they could say things that could be misinterpreted. But one of the CFers went berserk and attacked, thinking it WAS a personal attack!!!


And I tried clearing things up, which should have ended, but the girl said she was the one in the pic, a few minutes after she said it wasn't her. The FUCK!?!

THat's the last straw. I've had it with talking with these kids. I'm no longer attending the event, judging from what happen on the chatroom.

And until someone convinces me to come back to CF, screw the event.

EDIT: *sigh* That was too premature, given the fact that they are kids (and kids-at-heart), and had another case of look-alikes. But that still does not change the fact that my comments were meant as an accusation.

That person who accused me of such really need some attitude adjustment.

... but that's just me. I'm giving the CFers a second chance. No worries.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

the FIFA World Cup at Times Square... it's real...


This was one of those spur of the moment things that my friend keeps dragging me into, and ended up watching that FIFA world cup trophy tour at the IMAX theater, watching the tour movie (which was good, btw), and ended up getting Polaroid shot of me and the trophy. Yeah, THAT trophy's making a world tour of some sort, and no one's allowed to touch for fear of stealing (and melting). The Yang Pertuan Agung was the only one that touched the thing.

<---So here's me, looking like a smuck.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Note to Self: (And also, my artwork portfolio!)

Never, ever gorge yerself at a chicken buffet within 2 seconds, or you'll end up to lethargic to think, and going to the toilet twice in a row does not help. Especially when your friends or training you in the fine art of verbal comebacks.

Oh, on the side notes, some of my older and newer artworks or online in photobucket:

<-- Semi-finalised character design of Alderaan (for a Star Wars/El-hazard x-over manga).

<-- Just a doodle of an action sequence. Still in progress.

<-- The OVERLY POWERED... NINJA! A revised artwork of the one I did at last year's CF. Did it after my friend accidently inked the back of my original. ^^;;

<-- Old charcter layout of Alderaan. Did this 2 months ago.

<--- My mecha. It has a gigantic flower on it's head. It has feelings. Don't hurt it's feelings. It has 3 HUGE arsenals there. :-)

<--- This is my redition of what a future X-wing would look like.

<--- A test comic featuring Alderaan again. Did this before I came for February art jam.

WARNING: Ecchi content!
Look at your own peril:

<-- A collab of of friend and me. He's responsible for the bald guy (monk...). I'm responsible of the girl showing some skin(the nose, however, was by friend.).

<--- *ahem*.... bondage.

<--- *ahem* More Bondage. Look at your own peril. :-P


Image hosting by Photobucket ... Hey, I was f*cking bored, alright!?! :p

That's it for now. Sorry for the tasteless sense for the ecchi parts. Don't say I didn't warn ya. :p

P.S. Sorry for making so much noise at #comicfiesta in IRC. Now figured out code. ^^;;